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I/O device family

Supporting CANopen and Devicenet

King Pigeon (China) has developed a family of I/O devices for industrial applications. The CANopen devices comply with CiA 301 and CiA 401.

Made in China: The device family features digital and analog inputs as well as outputs (Photo: King Pigeon)

King Pigeon headquarters in Shenzhen (China) is a manufacturer of IoT data acquisition and monitoring systems. Since more than 13 years the company designs and manufactures devices for industrial control purposes. This includes also a family of I/O devices featuring CANopen and Devicenet connectivity. These are products connect digital and analog sensors and actuators to Scada, PLCs (programmable logic controller), and HMIs (human machine interface).

A typical example of the I/O family is the M120c CANopen remote I/O module. It provides four optical-isolated digital inputs, four isolated 12‑bit analog inputs, four digital outputs, and two 12‑bit analog outputs. This device complies with CiA 301 (CANopen application layer) and CiA 401 (CANopen I/O profile). It comes with EDS file compliant to CiA 306. The product supports Heartbeat functionality and the pre-defined connection set.

The devices are equipped with a 32‑bit micro-controller and an in-built watchdog. The power supply ranges from 24 V to 36 V and is protected against over-voltage and phase-reversal. The DIN-rail mountable module measures 105 mm x 80 mm x 30 mm. In Europe, the I/O devices are available by Tisme (Netherlands).


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