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Expansion module

The JXM-IO-E30 expansion module by Jetter (Germany) is a universal and remote I/O node for self-propelled machines.

(Photo: Jetter)

Equipped with a balanced configuration of analog and digital inputs and outputs as well as three short-circuit-proof sensor supplies, the module can be integrated via CANopen into conventional CAN networks of self-propelled machines, such as manure spreaders, forage wagons, dump trucks, or salt spreaders.

The product helps to reduce the overall cabling effort. With its rugged, potted enclosure to IP65 the expansion module is equipped for use in harsh environmental conditions.

Further highlights are the high switching capacity thanks to the parallel use of outputs, the high total continuous current of up to 25 A, the precise current control, as well as the diagnostic function for overcurrent and no-load detection. When carrying out diagnostic activities, two LEDs support the user by displaying status information. The module is certified for E1 and CE according to ISO14982.


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