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Embedded World 2020

CAN FD and CANopen FD innovations

At the Embedded World 2020, Peak-System, German manufacturer and supplier of hardware and software around CAN, present products for CAN FD and for the first time also for CANopen FD.

The company can be visited at the Embedded World 2020 in hall 1 at booth 483 (Source: Peak-System)

Trade visitors from all over the world can take a look at the PCAN-Micromod FD DR CANopen Digital 1, the PCAN-Ethernet Gateway FD DR, and the PCAN-Router Pro FD. The PCAN-Micromod FD DR CANopen Digital 1 is an I/O module with eight digital inputs and eight digital outputs. The device runs as an independent CANopen or CANopen FD node and is intended for industrial applications such as communication with sensors, actuators, machines, and production plants.

The PCAN-Ethernet Gateway FD DR allows to access Classical CAN and CAN FD networks with a PC via LAN. In addition, multiple devices can be used to connect CAN networks via IP. The gateway in a DIN rail housing provides a LAN connection and two CAN FD interfaces.

The PCAN-Router Pro FD is primarily intended for forwarding and recording Classical CAN and CAN FD messages. The freely programmable device has six CAN FD channels, five I/Os, an SD card slot, and can optionally be equipped with a backup battery for emergency power supply.

Furthermore, the PCAN-Micromod FD series, which is characterized by I/O and CAN FD connectivity, will be presented at the company’s booth. The CPU (central processing unit) module and the evaluation board started in September 2019, and recently the motherboards PCAN-Micromod FD Analog 1 and PCAN-Micromod FD Digital 1 & 2 were released. After configuration with Windows software, all motherboards run as independent CAN nodes. Peak-System can be visited in hall 1 at booth 483.


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