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I/O module

Measurement and control for automotive applications

ID Mikroelektronik & Messtechnik (Germany) offers the MVC-04 digital I/O module as well as sensors, and human-machine interfaces (HMIs) with CAN connectivity.

The MVC-04 includes a temperature sensor and an optional inclinometer (Source: ID Mikroelektronik & Messtechnik)

The measurement amplifier MVC-04 integrates the XE162 processor system. Four differential voltage inputs with a 12-bit resolution can be used in the single-ended mode. The amplifying factors (up to 1 000) and the power supply can be adjusted via software. A long-term data memory is available as an option. The amplifier includes a temperature sensor and an optional two-axis inclinometer e.g. for weighing applications. The inclinometer is designed for diverse measurement ranges. Captured data is available via the CAN or the EIA-232 interface. Signal processing (calibration, filtering, limit monitoring etc.) is possible due to the integrated processor. The CAN interface offers bit-rates up to 1 Mbit/s and uses 125 kbit/s as a default bit-rate. The 11-bit CAN-ID is supported.

The vibration sensor IMI-200g can measure the vibrations on a moving vehicle part (e.g. bearing or spindle). The measured data is sent via CAN to a central controller, which evaluates the data and warns for eventual damages or outages. The sampling rate and measuring time are configurable via software.

The company also offers CAN-connectible control panels and machine controllers used, for example, in agricultural vehicles.


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