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SPS Connect 2020

CANopen for I/Os and Modbus-TCP

Sichuan Odot Automation presents a CANopen network adapter for I/O modules and a CANopen-to-Modbus-TCP gateway on the SPS Connect 2020 digital fair.

AIO-X8021 implements the CiA 401 CANopen device profile for I/O modules (Source: Sichuan Odot Automation)

The AIO-X8021 CANopen network adapter module enables connection of up to four I/O modules to CANopen networks. It supports the CiA 401 CANopen device profile for I/O modules. Bit-rates up to 1 Mbit/s can be chosen. A DIP switch is used for adjustment of the CANopen node-ID. The CAN connection is realized using the 9-pin Dsub-connector. Two LEDs are showing the CANopen-related operating state of the device (pre-operation, running, or stopped) and the CAN-related errors (error-free, bus-off, protection event). A voltage of 9 VDC to 36 VDC is required to power the device.

MG-Canex can be mounted on a 35-mm DIN-rail (Source: Sichuan Odot Automation)

The company also presents the MG-Canex CANopen-to-Modbus-TCP gateway at the SPS Connect 2020. The device acts as the CANopen NMT (network management) master in the CANopen network and could be programmed to control CANopen NMT slave devices. According to the manufacturer, the device is able to send and receive PDOs (process data objects), SDOs (service data objects), and error control messages (heartbeat). Synchronous and asynchronous message transmission is possible. As a TCP server in the Modbus TCP network, the device can be accessed by five TCP clients at the same time. It can be connected to a PLC (programmable logic controller) and configured in the required way. By connection of an optical transceiver a long-distance data transmission can be realized.

The SPS Connect 2020, the virtual platform of the exhibition SPS - Smart Production Solutions, is the digital version of the physical event (due to coronavirus). 239 exhibitors present products and services solutions from digital automation. 2019, 1 585 exhibitors were part of the SPS exhibition. The tradeshow takes part from November 16 to December 04.


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