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CANopen I/O module

Xtremeblock from Data Panel is a solution if an adaption of I/O wiring in mobile machines is necessary. Especially in the field of special vehicles and mobile machines, the company offers alternatives compared to terminal boxes and cable harnesses.

Modular and pluggable decentralized I/O expansion modules from Data Panel on a display controller (Source: Data Panel)

Depending on the application, more or less signals are required at the respective unit within the machine. Some machine builders also want a central location where all connection lines converge. In this case, modules with a high signal density and flexibility in the configurable signal type have an advantage.

Input and output signals

The product offers eight analog inputs for the signal ranges 0 mA to 20 mA as well as 0 V to 10 V with a resolution of 12 bit. Each analog input can also be used for digital signals (PNP or NPN input selectable). Four digital-specific frequency inputs up to 10 kHz are available, on which two encoders can also be operated. All 12 inputs are protected against overvoltage and short circuits, and each channel has an orange status LED. If required, up to 14 additional digital inputs can be provided by re-configuration of the output channels.

On the actuator side, four digital and four current-controlled PWMi outputs are available, which can be loaded with 3 A each. For larger loads, six additional PWM outputs with up to 7 A of output current and a maximum switching frequency of 1,5 kHz are provided. All outputs are protected against overload and short-circuit, and the current of each output can be queried via the network, explained the company. The total current is 26 A, and up to 13 A can be looped to a subsequent module.


The product can be connected to the controller via the CANopen protocol or CAN 29-Bit identifier extended frame format with the default setting of 250 kbit/s or alternatively 125 kbit/s, 500 kbit/s, or 1000 kbit/s. The base node ID 48 (30h) is preconfigured in the delivery state and can be changed via SDO. In addition, an address offset can also be set on the hardware side via coding plugs (node ID plugs) in the range +1 to +8. A J1939 variant of the product is in preparation, said the company.

The Xtremeblock is encapsulated, complies with protection classes IP67 and IP69K, and can be used at temperatures from -40 °C to +85 °C. The I/O module is mounted by means of four M6 screws. All connectors are designed as 4-pole AT / DT sockets with nickel-plated pin contacts, which allow a total current of 26 A on the supply side. With an operating voltage range of 8 VDC to 32 VDC, the module can be used in 12-V and 24-V vehicle electrical systems and is protected against reverse polarity, explained the company. The device reports under- and overvoltages as well as overtemperature via LED and network diagnostics.

EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) resistance has been tested for construction machinery according to ISO 13766-2 and for agricultural machinery according to ISO 14982. Due also to the E1 approval, there is nothing to prevent the product from being used in municipal machines, said the company.

According to the company, the matching overmolded or molded connection cables and a range of accessories complete the wiring concept around Xtremeblock. Due to the signal types and the number of inputs/outputs, the product can often replace two commercially-available modules, they explained.


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