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Bauma 2022

Lighting solution for heavy-duty applications

Besides a range of other products, Hella presents the CAN-connectible Smart Modular Worklight lighting system at the Bauma 2022 in Munich (Germany) from October 24 to October 30 (hall A5, booth 436).

A visualization of the Hella booth for the Bauma 2022 (Source: Hella)

The lighting system was developed to improve work safety and comfort in off-highway applications, explained Hella. The Smart Modular Worklight series are built-in modules. These work light modules are integrated into the cab roof and thus better protected from external influences, said the company. They also meet the demand for individual vehicle design, which is becoming increasingly important in the field of off-highway vehicles, they continued. The system is a further development of the Modular Worklight series, whose design has been adapted to the company’s Shapeline light series and is available in two design lines: the classic straight-line "Tech" and the curved dynamic "Style" variant.

According to the company, the system is controlled via the vehicle's intelligence. No new harness or changes to existing harnesses are required. Hella’s gateway communicates with the machine's existing user interface via CAN and forwards commands to the Hella worklamps. This allows manufacturers to offer optional lighting packages without having to change the vehicle architecture.

In conjunction with object detection on the vehicle side, the system also opens up numerous optional applications. The company explained that, detected persons or obstacles could, for example, be specifically illuminated and thus warned, or the driver's blinding due to dust or attachments could be minimized by dimming individual segments.

As a world premiere, Hella also presents a LED combination headlamp to the wider public for the first time at the Bauma. In addition, the company presents its complete product portfolio ranging from front and rear lighting, Visiotech projection technology, warning lights to electrical and electronic products, and more.


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