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CANopen modules with digital I/O channels

The I/O modules offered by ICP DAS (Taiwan) support the CANopen application layer and the profile for generic I/O modules. The I/O ports are galvanically isolated and feature a 4-kV ESD protection.

The I/O modules supporting CANopen can exchange I/O data by means of PDOs without a PLC (Photo: ICP DAS)

THE DIGITAL I/O MODULES, which provide eight input and eight output channels, comply with the CiA 301 (version 4.2) CANopen application layer and the CiA 401 (version 2.1) profile specification. The CAN 2054C features sink-type outputs, and the CAN 2055C comes with source-type outputs. Both can be used for various applications, such as PNP, NPN, TTL and relay contacts. The modules have passed the CANopen conformance test by CAN in Automation (CiA).

The Taiwanese manufacturer also offers different CANopen NMT master devices. The introduced I/O modules operating between -25 °C and +75 °C can be configured by the host controller using the provided EDS files. The I/O devices provide jumpers for the 120-Ω termination resistors. They support all CANopen bit-rates up to 1 Mbit/s. The node-ID is selectable from 1 to 99. The CANopen software features EMCY and SYNC functionality. Heartbeat and Node/Life-guarding are supported.

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