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Safety I/O device enhanced

For the PNOZmulti 2 safety device by Pilz (Germany) expansion modules for safety and communication are now available. The communication modules are optionally available with CANopen interfaces.

THE PNOZ M B0 BASE UNIT HAS ALSO been revised: for modular expansion, up to four communication modules can be connected on the left-hand side. Through these the number of safety functions, such as emergency stop, safety gates or light beam devices can be increased. All the necessary safety functions are created on the PC using the software tool “PNOZmulti Configurator”, which can also be used to select and configure expansion modules.
In addition to the already available eight safe inputs and four safe semiconductor outputs of the original model, the expansion with a maximum of two I/O modules now provides a total of 16 inputs and eight semiconductor outputs.
The user has the choice between an input module with 16 safe inputs, or an input/output module with four safe inputs and four safe relay outputs respectively. With a power consumption of just 0,8 W the base unit provides 20 safe inputs and four safe semiconductor outputs (PL-e, SIL CL 3) at a width of 45 mm. As a result, the unit consumes up to 80 % less energy than comparable products. The base unit has an illuminated display, enabling rapid diagnostics as well as commissioning.

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