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Designed for harsh environments

The XTR I/O-System 750 by Wago (Germany) stands up to temperatures between -40 °C and +70 °C and it is voltage-proof up to a 5-kV surge voltage. Additionally, it is immune to interferences and it is vibration-proof up to an acceleration of 5 g.

The I/O family addresses demanding applications such as shipbuilding, the onshore/offshore industry, renewable energy systems (wind power, photovoltaic, and bio-gas systems), transformer stations and power distribution systems, the petrochemicals industry as well as the water and wastewater industry (Photo: Wago)

THE MODULAR I/O FAMILY COMES OPTIONALLY with CANopen connectivity. For the specified temperature range no extra air-conditioning components, such as heating and cooling are required. The module's small size saves space, and the lack of separate air-conditioning components yields lower energy and maintenance costs. Depending on the specific model, energy-saving 16-bit or 32-bit micro-controllers are used. They are surrounded by an up to 1024-KiB program and data memory and a 32-KiB retain memory. Some versions also feature a 2-port switch and an SD card interface. This enables the data memory to be expanded to 32 GiB to offer the reserves required for complex remote control tasks. An integrated web server is also on board.

A 16-channels module has 12-mm width, like the IP20-rated products of Weidmueller introduced at the end of last year. The Wago products can be used at elevations up to 5 000 m. This means they can be installed even in the thin air of a mountain-based station. The devices in dark-gray housings fulfill the voltage requirements of EN 60870-2-1 – including impulse-voltages of up to 1 kV for <60-V modules or 5 kV for ≥60-V modules. They are also impervious to interference. Reduced EMC interference emissions and enhanced resistance to interference from external components are additional features. By the way, it looks like dark-gray and even black are the new housing colors: The I/O products from Bernecker + Rainer as well as Weidmueller are also dark-grey or black.

Due to the devices' vibration resistance of 5 g based on DIN EN 60068-2-6 (acceleration 50 m/s2), its shock resistance of 15 g (150 m/s2) based on IEC 60068-2-27, and 25 g (250 m/s2) based on IEC 60068-2-29, the I/O device can be used in applications such as motors, power circuit breakers, or in tunnel bore machines. The modules are generally suitable for outdoor applications. This includes mobile machines, which often use embedded CANopen networks. Industrial automation companies like Wago are increasingly addressing this market. Bernecker + Rainer and Turck are also moving into the mobile markets.


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