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CANopen valve islands for medical applications

Asco Numatics belonging to Emerson Industrial Automation has introduced pneumatic valve manifolds also suitable for medical and laboratory applications. They feature CANopen connectivity. The products support up to 512 inputs/outputs with one communication interface of up to 32 valve solenoids per manifold, and up to 16 manifolds per node. The modules interface to valves with flow from 275 l/min to 3820 l/min.

THE G3 VALVE ISLANDS COME with LCDs for visual status and diagnostics. The graphic display (in place of the usual LED indicators) supports plain-language messaging of diagnostic information at both the module and communication node level. The messages give the user direct information and this makes it easier to detect shorted and open load, shorted sensor/cable, low and missing power, and missing module. It also allows self-test activation and provides a log of any network/distribution errors.
Protected to IP65/Nema 4, the modules plug together, using a clip that allows module removal/replacement without dismantling the whole manifold. Additional flexibility is incorporated because the same modules can be used in either centralized or distributed applications.
The implemented Speedcon M12 connector is designed for half-turn I/O connector insertion. The power connector scheme allows the output power to be removed while inputs and communications are left active. An Auto Recovery Module (ARM) protects configuration information during a critical failure.

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