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IP67-rated CANopen and DeviceNet I/O modules

CNE (Italy) acquired by Atam Windings has launched a series of devices providing digital inputs and outputs. The IP67-rated products feature CANopen or DeviceNet interfaces. The CANopen version supports bit-rates up to 1 Mbit/s. It provides two rotary switches to select the node-ID (1 to 125).

THE DEVICES BUNDLE THE SIGNALS OF SENSORS AND ACTUATORS in the field, reducing installation and service costs. Further benefits are gained when using the molded cable assemblies. A common cable from the distribution box connects with the control device. Depending on the design variant of the box, the common cable is either molded into the distribution box, may be connected to screw terminals, or is connected by multi-pole connector. These units bring a proven enhancement of service comfort and labeling fields to make service and maintenance work as well as fault detection easier. The LED indicators show the device status.

The M12 distribution boxes are available in different versions providing eight or 16 digital inputs or eight digital outputs or a combination of eight digital inputs plus four digital outputs. The digital outputs are short-circuit proofed. There are also devices with I/O ports to be self-assembled available. These M12 boxes come in IP67-rated housings.

The advantage of the modular design is to be found in the pre-wiring of the passive modules by means of M12 or IDC type connectors. The CANopen or DeviceNet network can be installed later, without affecting the I/O wiring. The CANopen interface is available at the 5-pin connector providing CAN-H (pin 4), CAN-L (pin 5), CAN-ground (pin 3), and an optional screen (pin 1).

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