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High-power switching module for vehicles

The multiplexed Vehicle Electrical Center (mVEC) by Cooper Bussmann (USA) offers CAN network oversight high-power circuits (e.g. relays) in vehicle power distribution. It is rated at 200 A.

THE MVEC MAY BE CONFIGURED TO PROVIDE VARIOUS OEM circuit-protection and switching functions, using fuses, relays, and breakers with 2,8-mm footprints. The control commands and the status information of each circuit are accessible through J1939 or CANopen messages. It uses the patented VEC 'power grid' technology. Each module is rated at 200 A, with individual outputs rated up to 30 A (16 or 24 V). A maximum of 32 outputs is possible.
The devices are waterproofed to high pressure spraying (IP66 equivalent). They are designed and manufactured with robust features such as a heavy-duty housing, silicon,
and Gortex gasketing, and protective conformal coated electronics, to operate in vehicle environments such as those found in construction, agriculture, heavy-duty, and re-creation vehicle as well as marine markets. The operating temperature is specified from -40 °C to +85 °C.
The product series is offered in various versions including custom versions being configured to OEM wiring requirements. The two off-the-shelf configurations include the 8-relay (31M-000-1) and the 12-relay (31M-300-0) modules.

Eaton has acquired Cooper (read on)

Cooper Bussmann produces also the R260 wireless remote I/O controller and valve driver. The CAN-connectable device is programmable in IEC 61131-3 languages. It supports the FHSS radio technology for two-ways wireless communication. The module features 20 I/O channels, two CAN ports, and an impact resistant enclosure. The device supports the CANopen and J1939 higher-layer protocols.

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