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Generic and specific I/O modules

Grodans Paradis (Sweden) has developed the VSCP series of I/O modules. The product range covers relay, temperature, counter, and barometric pressure modules. Additionally, several modules with generic I/O ports are available.

THE INTRODUCED CAN-CONNECTABLE PRODUCTS use the open VSCP (Very Simple Control Protocol) application layer protocol. It is available on the web-based Sourceforge sorucr-code repository. The CAN bit-rate is fixed at 125 kbit/s. The Paris relay module provides up to seven external relays. As all modules it is DIN-rail mountable and powered over the bus-cable. The barometric pressure module named San Francisco comes as the other modules with a Module Description File (MDF). The Kelvin NTC temperature module features six individual configurable channels for temperature sensing elements. The Swedish company also offers the USB2CAN dongle providing galvanic isolated interfaces. All modules are sold for reasonable prices, e.g. the Beijing A0 module for 33 Euro providing five 5-V digital outputs.