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CANopen coupler for modular I/O sub-system

Hesch (Germany) offers for its IMOD modular input/output sub-system the HE 5811 CANopen coupler module. The CANopen interface is established with a 9-pin Dsub connector. Bit-rate and CANopen node-ID are configurable by means of BCD switches.

THE 5811 CANopen COUPLER MODULES can manage up to 62 I/O modules. The connection of the modules takes place over an internal bus system. Up to 16 modules can be operated directly on the coupler. The I/O sub-system can be expanded with an additional HE 5830 power module. In the CANopen coupler the areas of power supply voltage, bus interface electronic, and logics are isolated galvanically from each other. The configuration of bus coupler and I/O modules can be determined by means of the buttons integrated in the front of the casing. Configuration and parameter setting of the individual I/O modules can be carried out both via the CANopen interface (CiA 401 compliant) or via the proprietary SmartPort interface. The CANopen interface supports all bit-rates specified by CiA (from 20 kbit/s to 1 Mbit/s).

Hesch headquartered close to Hanover (Germany) offers also operator panels, and valve controllers for industrial dust extraction. They are designed for small and medium dust-filter systems. The IMOD family of I/O modules comprise also dedicated for water quality measurements including pH values and O2 saturation, redox potential, and electrical conductivity. These I/O modules are suitable for general water and waste water management as well as for swimming pools, food production, etc.

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