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I/O and tele-service modules for commercial vehicles

STW (Germany) has expanded its CAN-connectable products dedicated for mobile machines and off-highway vehicles. The company has introduced the programmable ESX-IOXp I/O module as well as the ESX-TC1 gateway for the company’s tele-service internet portal.

THE COMPANY OFFERS A BROAD RANGE of programmable controllers for outdoor applications. The recently introduced programmable I/O module provides two independent CAN interfaces plus an EIA 232 port. One CAN interface complies with the CiA 401 CANopen profile. The module implements the Codesys PLC software and is programmable in IEC 61131-3 languages. The I/O ports are protected against over-voltage and reversed polarity. The devices can be equipped with digital or analog inputs and outputs as well as special functions such as PWM (pulse width-modulation). The product comes in an IP67- or IP69K-rated plastic housing measuring 134 mm x 117 mm x 36 mm. It uses the same 42-pin connector as other products from the company.

STW located in the south of Germany has also introduced the ESX-TC1 module providing a wireless link to the company’s ESX-Teleservice server. The GPS module is equipped with a CAN interface and capture in-vehicle or FMS (fleet management system) data in order to forward it to the internet-based fleet management system. The recorded data can be used to monitor and coordinate the machine fleet. The gateway features for local input ports and one output interface. In addition, it includes some functions for theft protection.

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