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Safety I/O sub-system

Belden’s Lumberg Automation division (Germany) has developed safety I/O modules connected via the company’s LioN-Link field-bus system and linkable to CANopen and DeviceNet networks. The recently introduced output module (0942 UEM 612) fulfills protection class requirements IP67 and has four digital M12 slots with a higher limit on the output voltage permitting 2 A per line and 6 A in total.

THESE OUTPUTS ARE DESIGNED for safety-related applications up to performance level D (as defined in the new Machinery Directive) making this I/O module particularly suitable for failsafe control of actuators or – following a complete switch-off of the 24-V output power supply – reliable emergency off-functions. Robert Strehmann from Belden said: “Safety-related outputs can now be switched off directly in the field without the need for an additional terminal box. Moreover, installing these modules saves users even more time and money, because – unlike comparable I/O systems – they are wired up using only standard products.”
Depending on the selected LioN-Link bus-coupler, these I/O modules can be connected to CANopen or DeviceNet networks. The sturdy housing is made of PBT (polybutylenterephthalat), measures 182,4 mm × 30 mm × 28,4 mm (L × W × H) and weighs 200 g. The module’s other features include a temperature range of +10 ° to +60 °C, vibration and shock resistance plus a power-supply configured for a voltage range of 19DC to 30 VDC.
Together with its brands Hirschmann (provides CANopen-based sub-systems crane overload protection systems) and Lumberg Automation (CANopen and DeviceNet modules), Belden has more than 15 offices throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa, with manufacturing facilities in Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Denmark, Italy and Hungary. Belden itself designs, manufactures and markets signal transmission solutions, including cables, connectors and I/O modules, wireless network systems as well as network devices and control, load sensing and load moment limitation systems designed for safety-critical applications ranging from industrial automation to data centers, broadcast studios and the aviation and aerospace industry. The company focuses on segments of the worldwide cable and automation markets that require both specialized and readily available products. With manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe and Asia, Belden has recorded a total revenue of 1,62 billion US-$ for the fiscal year 2010.

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