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Panels for marine engine applications

CMR (France) has introduced their Local Operating Panels (LOPs), which comply with marine and navy demands, according to the company.

The panels support CANopen and J1939 (Photo: CMR)

THE LOPS PROVIDE A MARINE VESSEL'S CREW with a single integrated control system to use particularly in case EFIC engines (Electronic Fuel Injection Controlled) are needed to comply with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations for Marpol Annex VI Tier III. These regulations aim at reducing pollution emissions. The LOPs incorporate the Smart Innovative Monitoring System (SIMS). CMR systems process and display all user defined engine parameters, trigger local alarm outputs, update the alarm list and store events in the log book. Built upon a modular architecture, the panel operates with one acquisition unit and one HMI module.

The company illustrates the benefits provided by this technology through two applications according: The first one is a vessel featuring a single propulsion engine where the redundancy of the controller is compulsory. In this instance, one of the most important criteria the LOP has to adhere to is the capability to manage dual controllers at the same time and in real time: the device is equipped with two CAN networks, enabling the system to continuously manage the parameters of both electronic control modules (ECM), monitor the communication, and display the main controller parameters on the engine.

The second example concerns the numerous requests for the simultaneous management of several communication protocols that are available on engines or ships: CANopen, J1939, Modbus, Ethernet. Clarinux SW allows the panels to manage the communication with engine parameters through I/O modules, ECM and sometimes the propulsion system by reading and writing messages both ways.

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