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Starter kit I/O extension board with CANopen

Ingenia (Spain) has announced the release of a starter kit input/output expansion board. The board that plugs on top of the CANopen Pluto servo drives series is an add-on interconnection board for the series.

THE PRODUCT ALLOWS THE EVALUATION of the motion control capabilities with access to the I/O signals available on the servo drive. It replicates the I/O’s connector, adding analog signals, push buttons and DIP switches to reproduce I/O operations that can be performed with the servo drive. There is no need for external wirings or PC control. The product comes with four LEDs linked to digital inputs, four LEDs linked to digital outputs and two potentiometers for analog signals. The module fits on top of a Pluto servo drive and just needs to be connected with a flat cable, included in the development kit.

The expansion board together with the CANopen servo drive series is a starting package that includes the hardware and software to develop motion applications. The I/O extension board receives four general purpose digital inputs and two general purpose digital output signals from the servo drive. The user can change the logical state of each input in three ways: the on-board push buttons, DIP switches or external connection. The inputs and outputs are not isolated. If external devices have to be connected to the servo drive, the extension board has a connector for external I/O connections.

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