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System basis chip (SBC)

Functional safe and complies with ISO 11898-5

Freescale (USA) has launched the MC33907 and MC33908 chips, which have been designed to work with 32-bit micro-controllers. The ASIL-D approved SBCs feature a dual DC/DC switching regulator for reducing overall energy consumption.

The MC33907 features a low-power mode with a 30 µA quiescent current (Photo: Freescale)

DEVELOPED IN ACCORDANCE WITH FUNCTIONAL SAFETY REQUIREMENTS, the introduced SBCs are able to operate with low-voltage down to a 2,7-V supply, the MC33907 and MC33908 products supply power to micro-controllers and other system loads while maintaining system operation during power brown-out events such as during an automotive cranking pulse. Low-power modes and wake-up capabilities compliant with ISO 11898-5 reduce system quiescent current down to 30 µA. This limits battery discharge in stand-by to a minimum. The components’ configurable voltage regulator capabilities enable design of scalable platform solutions optimized for 32-bit MCUs supporting functional safety certifications across multiple vehicles or industrial applications.

“Achieving functional safety compliance can be difficult and costly,” said James Batesf rom Freescale’s Analog and Sensors Group. “Freescale makes it quicker and easier to achieve compliance with these new system basis chips, which are designed to meet ISO 26262 ASIL D – the most stringent functional safety requirement, as well as the latest automotive OEM requirements for ESD and electromagnetic compatibility.”

The functional safety of the SBCs has been validated by a prestigious third-party certification organization, which found their safety architecture and approach to surpass ISO 26262 ASIL-D for safety applications. Both products are part of the chipmakers Safeassure program, which includes MCUs, sensors and analog ICs, as well as support for functional safety application design that includes training, safety documentation, and software and technical support.

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While total system current output capacity is 2 A for both products, the MC33908 supplies a core current up to 1,5 A while the MC33907 is capable of 0,8 A. Along with the integrated and independent safety measures to reduce common cause failures, the chips also feature a CAN transceiver compliant with ISO 11898-2 and ISO 11898-5 and a serial peripheral interface to allow control and diagnostics for the target MCU.

The supplier also provides a lineup of hardware and software to support the SBCs. This includes several evaluation products available. The SBCs are available samples and volumes.

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