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Comes with software for motion control

For its C2000 Picolo family, Texas Instruments provides the Instaspin-Motion software stored in the read-only memory. The TMS320F2805x chips, part of the C2000 series, are optimized for three-phase sensor or sensor-less motor control applications. The micro-controllers feature on-chip CAN modules.

Block diagram of the Instaspin-Motion software and its mapping to and interaction with the hardware (Photo: Texas Instruments)

BESIDES THE CAN INTERFACE, the launched 60-MHz micro-controllers provide I2C and SPI ports. They are equipped with an up to 128-KiB flash-memory and an up to 20-KiB SRAM. Both kinds of memory are protected against unintended access by means of a Boot-RAM and a 128-bit security key. The products come with Instaspin-Foc and Motion. According to the US-chipmaker this add-on includes integrated analog control peripherals (e.g. one 12-bit A/D converter, 14 PWM channels with fault management, seven windowed analog comparators with 10-bit D/A converters, dual zero-pin oscillators, voltage regulator, up to four programmable gain amplifiers and three fixed gain amplifiers, as well as one 32-bit input capture and one quadrature encoder pulse unit).

The Instaspin-Motion software stored in the MCU’s read-only memory offers the following functions:

  • Identify: Ensure optimum tracking and disturbance rejection, working with the real inertia of the system.
  • Control: Minimize effort and reduce complexity with single coefficient tuning. Rapidly test and tune velocity control from soft to stiff response, defining a controller gain that typically works across the entire variable speed and load range of an application. Actively estimate and cancel system disturbances in real time, providing maximum performance.
  • Move: Produce an automatically optimized motion profile based on start velocity, target velocity and system limitations for acceleration, jerk and motion trajectory type.
  • Plan: Quickly build various states of motion (speed A to speed B) and tie them together with state-based logic.

For sensor-less torque and velocity control the optional Fast algorithm can be used. Additionally, Texas Instruments provides an evaluation board and the Motorware software infrastructure including documentation. The software environment helps to design and execute complex motion sequences by means of the Spintac trajectory planning tool. It also allows tuning the motion control by a single coefficient. Another feature is the inertia identification, which tracks physical parameters. The software replaces hard-to-tune PID closed-loop controllers. It is suitable for applications that require accurate speed and position control.


Software for motor control solutions

The Instaspin-Motion software has been developed in cooperation with Linestream Technologies. Powered by the Instaspin software, the offered motion control development environment streamlines the design process and improves the performance of motion controllers ranging from washing machines to medical robots, where CAN connectivity is often demanded.

"Software is increasingly becoming a differentiator for our products, especially in the vast and growing motor control segment," said Scott Roller from Texas Instruments. "Partnering with Linestream Technologies has allowed us to remain at the vanguard of this trend and to deliver to the market the industry's most advanced motor control suite."

Instaspin-Motion should help OEMs accelerate time-to-market, cut design costs, and improve the performance of their products. The software solution features optimized motion profiling, single-parameter tuning, and a disturbance-rejecting controller.

"With Instaspin-Motion, Texas Instruments is eliminating the time-intensive design processes and performance limitations that have hindered motor system engineers for decades," said David Neundorfer, CEO of Linestream. "Our embedded technology enables step change improvements for the motor control industry." The software solves several longstanding inefficiencies in motor control design and implementation. According to the provider Spintac-powered solution enables engineers to define complex motion sequences in minutes and tune their systems with minimal effort – a process that normally takes 10 to 12 weeks. Built upon a platform of sensorless field oriented control (FOC), the offered software reduces system costs and improves operation by eliminating the need for a mechanical motor rotor sensor.

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