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First samples with CAN FD support

Atmel (USA) has announced the development of a family of Atmel | Smart ARM Cortex-M7-based MCUs. The series offers a dual CAN FD core from Bosch.

(Photo: Atmel)

THE FAMILY IS POSITIONED BETWEEN THE COMPANY'S  ARM Cortex-M-based MCUs and Cortex-A-based MPUs. The devices will address high-growth markets including the Internet of Things (IoT) and wearables, as well as automotive and industrial applications that require both high performance and power efficiency. The first devices will run up to 300 MHz, with up to 384 KiB SRAM configurable as Tightly Coupled Memory (TCM) or System Memory, and up to 2 MiB on-chip Flash. The MCUs allow customers to scale-up performance, SRAM, and system functionality, while reusing software.

The family will be comprised of three series: general purpose, connectivity, and automotive-qualified. The connectivity series offers dual CAN FD from Bosch and 10/100 TBase Ethernet MAC. The automotive series offers Ethernet AVB support and Media LB, which when combined with the Cortex-M7 DSP extensions, make the series suitable for infotainment connectivity and audio applications. All devices come standard with USB On-the-Go (OTG) and on-chip high-speed USB PHY.

“As one of the first ARM licensees, we are excited to add the Cortex-M7 core to our already broad portfolio of MCUs and MPUs,” said Jacko Wilbrink, senior marketing director at Atmel. “The new Cortex-M7-based MCUs leverage our advanced peripherals and flexible SRAM architecture for higher performance applications, while keeping the Cortex-M class ease-of-use. This new addition enables our customers to select from an even larger portfolio of Atmel | Smart ARM-based MCUs to optimize system designs from consumer IoT devices to automotive applications.”

Atmel is working closely with the ARM ecosystem partners on development tool support and RTOS BSPs. In addition, the company will offer complete support for this new MCU family on Atmel Studio and Atmel ICE. A set of peripheral drivers and examples will be provided as well as Xplained evaluation kits. Sampling to select customers will begin in October. General sampling and availability of the Xplained kit will start in Q115.

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