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Q&A with Peak-System

“We use our own FPGA CAN FD core”

Uwe Wilhelm of Peak System (Germany) answered five questions about the popularity of CAN FD products and the reviewed protocol. The company has plans for more CAN FD products in 2015.

Uwe Wilhelm has been CEO of Peak-System since 1999 (Photo: Peak-System)

Q: The first charge of your FPGA implementation of the CAN FD protocol has already sold out. Who bought your CAN FD interface products?

A: The new CAN-FD-USB units were bought by all types of customers: development departments of car suppliers and manufacturers, development tool providers, industrial automation customers, etc.

Q: Will the second charge be compliant with the reviewed CAN FD protocol providing the stuff-bit counter?

A: Yes, and the first charge can easily be updated by the customer to include the new stuff-bit counter. We use our own FPGA CAN FD core, and are able to update the firmware of these units in the field. This provides maximum flexibility even for upcoming future CAN FD changes.

Q: Which additional CAN FD products do you have in the pipeline?

Uwe Wilhelm has been CEO of Peak-System since 1999 (Photo: Peak-System)

A: At the moment we are starting to manufacture the PCIe CAN cards (1/2/4 CAN FD channels), which will be available in Q1/2015. Also, a CAN-to-CAN-FD router is under developing at the moment, and our CAN Analyzer PCAN-Explorer will be available with FD support in Q1/2015.

Q: Do you believe that CAN FD will substitute the Classical CAN protocol?

A: Yes, most of our customers told us that the increase of the data size and the speed are features which will help them to use CAN in new products instead of switching to Ethernet-based systems.

Q: Will you provide CAN FD support for higher-layer protocols?

A: We are working on the ISO-TP and the Pass Through implementation of CAN FD at the moment. Other protocols will follow.

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