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CAN FD IP hardware implementation

To support the introduction of CAN FD, Bosch offers an IP hardware implementation solution known as M_CAN. In addition, it also offers the C_CAN FD8 IP module.

(Photo: Bosch)

BOTH MODULES ARE ALREADY INCLUDED in many semiconductor products. While the above-mentioned protocol amendments and subsequent modifications are not included in these early hardware products, hardware featuring the final protocol version will be available in due course.

Following the publication of the final ISO standard at the latest, Bosch will provide a CAN FD reference model. This model will be an executable model for both the Classical CAN and the CAN FD protocol versions, and can serve as a reference for other CAN FD IP module implementations.

Invented by Bosch, CAN has become a worldwide standard for communication, not only in the automotive segment. At the international CAN Conference in March 2012, Bosch presented its first draft of the CAN FD protocol, which offers a seamless upgrade of classic CAN technology at comparable costs. It also makes a higher bandwidth and increased payload per frame possible. Bosch expects CAN FD to find similar acceptance in the market as Classical CAN.

From the beginning, Bosch has pushed to include CAN FD in the ISO standard 11898. As part of the process of making CAN FD an industry standard, the involved companies carried out protocol amendments as well as improvements in the protocol-inherent error detection function. These changes are expected to become part of the final CAN FD ISO specifications at the end of 2015.

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