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CAN FD micro-controller

Enhanced in-vehicle networking

The Traveo S6J3120 from Spansion (USA) features a 32-bit ARM Cortex-R5 core and operates at 112 MHz. It incorporates a CAN FD interface for enhanced in-vehicle networking.

(Photo: Spansion)

1 MiB OF FLASH MEMORY CORRESPONDS to the software capacity. The product provides Non-ISO CAN FD as a communication interface and is also compatible with Classical CAN. CAN FD can shorten the time of reprograming by high-speed communication.

Moreover, the micro-controller comes with SHE (Secure Hardware Extension) as a security function, which is suitable for network security and improved performance for connected cars, as well as advanced partial wake-up for lowering power consumption. This will prevent the extraction and alteration of the data or keys.

In addition to the CAN FD interface, the S6J3120 series comes with LCDC and SMC for segment/needle controls. The required power supply of the product is 5 V.

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