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Half the size of a credit card

Incostartec (Germany) has added the Picolilly-1135 to its Lilly processor family. It measures 51 mm x 40 mm x 6 mm and is therefore half the size of a credit card.

(Photo: Incostartec)

THE PRODUCT COMBINES AN ARM 11 PROCESSOR of up to 532 MHz with comprehensive multimedia-functionality. The scalability of the processor offers several solutions: LCD controller, 3D graphic accelerator, and compatibility to OpenVG 1.1.

The system structure includes up to 256 MiB DRAM, up to 64 MiB NOR Flash, and optional a µSD card slot or an eMMC (iNAND) Flashchip. The features of the unit are completed by numerous interfaces: two CAN interfaces, two USB, one USBOTG, I²C, SPI, LCD IF for displays with a resolution up to 800 pixel x 600 pixel, and resistive touch IF with 4-wire technology. Alternatively, it is possible to add a second Ethernet controller or four digital GPI/Os.

The Picolilly is suitable for applications in the industry, automotive, mobile, home automation, and medical fields. Because of its format and interfaces, it fits in many applications. An Eval-Kit enables first steps including a suitable baseboard and a 5,6-inch VGA Touch TFT. As operating systems, Linux and Windows CE 7.0 are available.

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