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Radar system

77-GHz radar transceiver for ADAS

Freescale offers the 77-GHz radar system. Part of it is a CAN-based system basis chip as well as a 77-GHz radar transceiver chipset. When combined with an MCU, a system-level radar solution for ADAS applications is offered.

Part of the 77-GHz radar system is a CAN-based SBC as well as a MCU (Photo: Freescale)

THE 77-GHZ RADAR SYSTEM SUPPORTS ADAPTIVE cruise control, pre-crash protection, and collision warning systems with and without automatic steering and braking intervention. Freescale multicore MPC5xxx 32-bit MCUs combined with the Freescale 77-GHz radar transceiver chipset supports long-, mid-, and short-range functionality and can be used for multiple safety applications such as: adaptive cruise control, blind-spot detection, emergency braking, forward collision warning, headway alert, mitigation and brake support, pre-crash detection, and rear collision protection.

The Freescale MR2001 is a 77-GHz radar transceiver chipset that is scalable for multi-channel operation enabling a single radar platform with electronic beam steering and wide field-of-view to support long, mid-, and short-range radar applications for auto safety, communications infrastructure, and industrial systems. When combined with one of the company's MPC5xxx MCUs, it offers a complete system-level radar solution for ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) applications.

The System Basis Chip (SBC) MC33905 is part of the second generation family of system basis chips by Freescale. It works as an advanced power management unit for the MCU in the 77-GHz radar system. It provides additional integrated circuits such as sensors and CAN transceivers. It comes with a built-in CAN interface with local and bus failure diagnostics, protection, and fail-safe operation mode. The SBC may include zero, one, or two interfaces with LIN output pin switches. It also includes two or three wake-up input pins than can be configured as output drivers for flexibility.

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