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Connecting vehicles

Processors for automotive telematics

STMicroelectronics has introduced the Telemaco2. It’s a series of application-specific processors for automotive telematics and connectivity applications. They come with an integrated CAN subsystem.

The series come with an integrated CAN subsystem (Photo: STMicroelectronics)

THE PROCESSOR SERIES OFFER A SET OF SCALABLE, automotive-grade, Linux-programmable micro-controllers that are dedicated to in-car systems that, according to the company, enhance safety, comfort, and fuel efficiency. Telemaco2-powered solutions address applications such as automatic calling of emergency services in the event of an accident, continuous car-to-cloud connectivity, remote car diagnostics, and road-topology processing.

Telematics is widely expected to become an increasingly important part of all vehicles, including private cars, business fleets, and public transport. This trend is supported by Government policies such as the recent EU law mandating that all new cars sold in the EU from April 2018 must incorporate "eCall" technology. eCall allows the car to call emergency services after an accident and provide information such as the exact location of the vehicle and the direction of travel.

The company says, the Telemaco2 devices minimize the cost of developing and manufacturing emerging applications by including only the essential silicon IP blocks, by being independent of modem technology such as 2G/3G/LTE, and by allowing customers to use Linux open-source software components.

Key features of the Telemaco2 processors include an embedded independent boot core, eliminating the need for an external boot MCU; an integrated CAN subsystem, eliminating the need for a separate in-vehicle bus controller; pre-integrated and validated GNSS and dead reckoning software library for combination with the company’s Teseo multi-constellation automotive-positioning ICs; integrated power management circuitry; and a built-in RSA authentication, ensuring security of the embedded system code.

The Telemaco2 series currently comprises four devices (STA1074, STA1078, STA1079, and STA1088) that offer different combinations of feature sets for scalable telematics implementations. All four devices are available as samples today, with volume production scheduled for December 2015.

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