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SPS IPC Drives 2015

CAN FD transceiver series

Infineon launches the IFX1051LE and IFX1051S CAN transceiver series with CAN FD capability for industrial applications.

IFX1051 diagram (Photo: Infineon)

BOTH THE IFX1051LE AND IFX1051SJ have been designed for high-speed CAN networks in automation applications such as industrial PLC or building management systems. The CAN transceiver drives the signals to the CAN network and protects the micro-controller against interferences generated within the network. To match requirements for increased data rates on the CAN network, special attention has been given to loop delay symmetry to support CAN FD frames up to 2 Mbit/s. A separate input pin enables voltage adaption to the micro-controller supply.

The series is available as IFX1051LE in leadless PG-TSON-8 package and will be complemented with the IFX1051SJ in PG-DSO-8 package by end of this year. The 3 mm x 3 mm PG-TSON-8 package matches the solder joint requirements for automated optical inspection (AOI).

Two different operating modes, additional fail-safe features like an extended TxD time-out as well as optimized output slew rates on the CAN_H and CAN_L signals make these CAN transceivers suitable for large high-speed CAN networks working at high data transmission rates.

You will find the IFX1051 in action within the Factory Automation Demo showcased at the Infineon booth at SPS IPC Drives hall 1 / booth 550.

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