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For industrial applications with on-chip CAN FD module

Cypress has expanded its FM4 portfolio of MCUs for industrial control and home appliances. The ARM Cortex M4 chips are available in volume production by end of this year.

"Our FM4 MCU portfolio provides the performance needed for Industry 4.0 applications and the scalability to minimize development costs and accelerate time-to-market." (Photo: Cypress)

"DESIGNING SYSTEMS FOR INDUSTRY 4.0 and the Industrial Internet requires high-performance, ARM-based MCUs that enable support for international safety standards and deliver fast, secure and reliable communication interfaces," said Sudhir Gopalswamy from Cypress. The S6E2C-Series, in full production, delivers a 675 CoreMark score at 200 MHz, and the S6E2G-Series as well as the S6E2H-Series feature Core Mark scores of 608 at 180 MHz and 540 at 160 MHz respectively.

The portfolio delivers M2M communication with high-speed communication interfaces, including CAN FD and IEEE 1588 (Ethernet), and with hardware-based encryption accelerators. The MCUs are equipped with up to 2-MiB flash and 256-KiB SRAM memory, along with integrated hardware-based features and standards-compliant firmware libraries that simplify functional safety compliance. They provide 190 (S6E2C), 153 (S6E2G), or 100 (S6E2H) general-purpose input/output ports. The chips support a diverse set of on-chip peripherals for motor control, factory automation and home appliance applications. For safety applications, the flash and SRAM memory is protected by a hardware-based error-correcting code (ECC). Firmware libraries compliant to international functional safety standards are available, as well. They can be used to implement dedicated safety algorithms.

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