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Bus protector

200-W peak power dissipation per line

ON Semiconductor offers protector circuits for CAN networks. The ESDONCAN1 diode is suitable also for CAN FD networks.

Besides CAN transceiver, the US chipmaker also manufactures ESD protection diodes (Photo: ON Semiconductors)

ACCORDING TO THE PRODUCER, the protection diode is suitable for Classical CAN and CAN FD networks. It is designed to protect the CAN transceiver from ESD and other harmful transient voltage events. The low-capacitance TVS circuitry provides bidirectional protection for each data line. It suppresses transient voltages and is based on Zener technology, which optimizes the active area of a PN junction. The circuitry coming in an SOT-23 package has been tested to EMI and ESD levels.

On Semiconductors provides also CAN transceiver chips (NCV7341, AMIS-30660, etc.). Currently, these transceivers are specified speeds up to 1 Mbit/s. CAN FD compliant transceiver supporting higher bit-rates will be available, when the ISO 11898-2 standard has been updated, said the company. The company is also the producer of the ISO 11992-1 transceiver, which is used by Wabco and its competitors for truck-trailer CAN-based networks.

The TVS diode provider has released several application notes (AND8169/D and AND8352) describing the EMI/ESD protection solutions for CAN respectively the behavior with a permanent short on the bus lines. Recently, ON Semiconductors has acquired Fairchild, the inventor of integrated circuits.