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CAN FD transceiver

Radiation tolerant

Cobham (USA) has launched the UT64CAN333x series of CAN transceiver chips. They support bit-rates from 10 kbit/s to 8 Mbit/s.

The radiation-tolerant transceivers provides slope-control for bit-rates up to 500 kbit/s (Photo: Cobham)

THE ANNOUNCED CAN TRANSCEIVERS have a radiation performance of 100 krad (Si) total dose with latch up of LET ≤ 100 Mev-cm2/mg. They come in an 8-lead ceramic flatpack. Prototypes are available and production parts will be offered in mid 2016. “Our CAN FD transceivers allow for the implementation of robust low-level networks within spacecraft saving weight and power,” said Elaine Gonsalves from Cobham Semiconductors (formerly Aeroflex). “We are now working with designers on future flight applications using prototypes and look forward to successful missions.”

The introduced series of transceivers can drive up to 120 nodes. The UT64CAN3330 component features sleep-mode operation as standardized in ISO 11898-5. The UT64CAN3331 variant provides a bus-isolated diagnostic loopback. The third family member, the UT64CAN3332 transceiver, offers the ability to monitor bus-traffic enabling the CAN controller to change the bit-rate to match the operations of the bus.

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