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Configurable CAN FD controller

The DCAN FD by Digital Core Design (Poland) is a standalone controller for CAN used in automotive and industrial applications. It conforms to the CAN 29-bit-identifier extended frame format and CAN FD.

(Photo: Digital Core Design)

The core has a CPU interface (8/16/32 bit configurable data width), with a little or big endian addressing scheme. Hardware message filtering and 128 byte receive FIFO enable back-to-back message reception, with minimum CPU load. The DCAN FD is described at RTL level, allowing target use in FPGA or ASIC technologies. Application areas are automotive, industrial, as well as embedded communication systems.

The CAN FD protocol overcomes the Classical CAN limits: data can be transmitted faster than 1 Mbit/s and the payload (data field) is up to 64 byte long and not limited to 8 byte anymore. When in the dataphase only one node is transmitting, the bit-rate can be increased, because no nodes need to be synchronized. But before the transmission of the ACK slot bit, the nodes need to be re-synchronized.

Digital Core Design is an IP Core provider and a System-on-Chip design house. The company was founded in 1999 and since the very beginning has been focused on IP Core architecture improvements.


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