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Analog Devices buys Innovasic

Analog Devices recently acquired Linear Technology. It now buys Innovasic, which produces the legendary 82527 stand-alone CAN controller.

Stand-alone CAN controller pin-compatible with Intel’s 82527 (Photo: Innovasic)

The semiconductor industry is in turmoil: Every few weeks an additional acquisition or merger takes place. Analog Devices offering CAN transceivers has recently bought Linear Technology another CAN transceiver producer. A few weeks later, Analog Devices made the next deal and acquired Innovasic. The price has not been published.

Innovasic still produces the IA82527 stand-alone CAN controller, which is pin-compatible with Intel’s 82527. It can be operated with 3,3 V or 5 V in a temperature range from -40 °C to +125 °C. The operating frequency is 16 MHz. The chip is available in a 44-lead PLCC or 44-leal PQFP housing. The controller supports CBFF (Classical Base Frame Format) and CEFF (Classical Extended Frame Format) messages, also known as 11-bit respectively 29-bit messages. The chips are available from Arrow, Digi-Key, or Future Electronics.


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