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With two CAN FD modules

Cortex-M4-based MCU with integrated display controller

NXP has announced the LPC5400 family of micro-controllers, which supports 21 interfaces. The products are intended also for industrial applications.

The MCUs can be used for example in a sprinkler system with integrated LCD (Photo: NXP)

Representing the first of five LPC product introductions planned for this year, the LPC54600 MCU family is tailored to meet the requirements of various consumer and industrial applications from the automotive aftermarket, to industrial control panels, connected smart home appliances, data concentrators, and communication hubs. The 180-MHz MCU family is scheduled for mass production with availability in March 2017.

The MCU features up to 512 KiB of flash memory as well as up to 200 KiB of RAM (Photo: NXP)

The Cortex-M4-based products provide two on-chip CAN FD modules. Other peripherals provide Ethernet and USB connectivity. The MCUs integrate also a graphics display controller (1024 pixel x 768 pixel). Additionally they feature 21 interfaces including SPI, general-purpose I/O, and A/D converters.

“By combining LPC micro-controllers with our Touch GFX software framework, customers worldwide have been able to enrich their embedded IoT and display applications with sophisticated graphics and animations,” said Jørgen Mygind from Draupner Graphics. “Now, with the release of the LPC54608 device, we see incredible market potential for next-generation embedded GUI applications, helping customers break through today’s barriers on the quest for improved power-efficiency.”