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Toyota warded Infineon’s products

The German chipmaker was acknowledged by the Japanese automaker for delivering CAN transceivers of outstanding quality.

Yasuaki Mori, President of Infineon Technologies Japan: “Zero-defect products for in-vehicle communication of Infineon support the automotive megatrends autonomous driving, electric mobility, connectivity, and security.” (Photo: Infineon)

Within over 15 years of CAN transceiver shipments, this is the ninth time that Toyota’s Hirose Plant has awarded Infineon for its product quality. “It is a great honor for Infineon to receive the ‘Best Quality Award’ from the Toyota Hirose Plant,” said Yasuaki Mori from Infineon. “As a world-leading automotive semiconductor manufacturer we will continue our efforts to satisfy the strict quality standards of the car industry.”

According to Infineon nowadays, around 60 electronic control units (ECUs) communicate with each other in mid-range passenger cars via CAN networks. Transmitting and receiving data, CAN transceivers are key contributors for the communication within a vehicle. They connect the respective ECUs in automotive powertrain, body, and safety applications. The need for in-vehicle communication is growing, as future cars will be equipped with more comfort and automation. They will have more ECUs with an even higher level of functionality. As a result, the average number of CAN transceivers in a vehicle will rise to more than 20 within the next five years – from an average of 17 CAN transceivers today.

The CAN FD transceivers (Photo: Infineon)

Infineon claims to be the world’s second largest manufacturer of automotive transceivers. Number one was and is NXP. Infineon offers a product portfolio for a variety of bus segments including for CAN FD (compatible with the present Classical CAN transceivers). They are qualified for bit-rates up to 5 Mbit/s and they are compliant to ISO 11898-2:2016. Available are the TLE925x stand-alone transceiver and the TLE9278 Multi-CAN Power-SBC families. The German chipmaker also offers CAN high-speed transceivers with selective wake-up capability. Transceiver chips for LIN and Flexray are produced, as well.

The semiconductor manufacturer also provides the TC3xx multi-core micro-controllers featuring up to 12 CAN FD channels according to ISO 11898-1:2015. They are members of the automotive Aurix family. The industrial MCUs families are currently not equipped with ISO CAN-FD interfaces.


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