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32-bit micro-controller

Support for up to four CAN interfaces

Microchip announced another family of PIC32 micro-controllers called PIC32MK. The MCUs include four integrated MCUs for precision dual motor control applications and eight MCUs packed with serial communication modules for general-purpose applications.

The micro-controller series (Photo: Microchip)

The PIC32MK family features four highly integrated MCUs for precision dual motor control applications (PIC32MK MC) and eight MCUs packed with serial communication modules for general-purpose applications (PIC32MK GP). All MCUs and GPUs feature a 120-MHz, 32-bit core that supports Digital Signal Processor (DSP) instructions. Additionally, to ease control algorithm development, a double-precision floating point unit is integrated into the MCU core enabling customers to utilize floating-point based modeling and simulation tools for code development.

With its connectivity integration, the PIC32MK devices have up to four independent CAN ports as well as six universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter modules, LIN 1.2, and six Serial Peripheral Interfaces (SPI), or Inter-IC Sound (I2S) modules. Additionally, two USB modules are included on select devices enabling simultaneous USB host and USB device to be active at the same time. A single MCU can be used to communicate to multiple bus protocols for reduced design complexity and cost, making PIC32MK devices suitable for dual-USB applications such as digital audio or CAN-based implementations in the automotive and industrial markets.

To increase efficiency and decrease the number of discrete devices needed in motor control applications, the PIC32MK micro-controllers combine 32-bit processing with advanced analog peripherals such as a quad 10-MHz comparator, and motor-control optimized pulse width modulation modules. The micro-controllers also have analog-to-digital converter modules capable of total throughput of 25,45 mega-samples per second in 12-bit mode or 33,79 mega-samples per second in 8-bit mode, This enables higher precision in motor control applications. The products come with up to 1 MiB flash-memory, 4 KiB of EEPROM, and a 256-KiB SRAM.

“The PIC32MK family represents a continuation in the Microchip motor control lineup enabling traditional 8- and 16-bit customers to move to a 32-bit MCU for motor control while maintaining support through classic Microchip development tools,” said Rod Drake, vice president of Microchip’s MCU32 business unit. “The family also has general purpose MCUs with an extensive array of serial communications modules ideally suited for the industrial space.”


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