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CAN IP core

Supports time-stamping

Cast has announced that the functionality of its CAN IP cores has been extended. Time-stamping of messages is now possible.

(Photo: Cast)

The IP cores feature Classical CAN and CAN FD support for all data frame types time-stamping in compliance with the CiA 603 specification. This feature enables efficient hardware time-based synchronization for Autosar (Automotive Open System Architecture) systems. It adds time-sensitive application support to the cores implemented in FPGAs/ASICs. The core is sourced from Fraunhofer IPMS.

"Working with multiple CAN FD customers every month has made us acutely aware of the special needs of automotive system designers," said Nikos Zervas, chief executive officer for Cast. "These engineers face a growing demand for more sophisticated electronics at all levels in the market, and we believe these additions to our automotive IP line will further help them succeed in the face of rising complexity and diminishing time to market and cost flexibility."