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Gateway MCU

Dedicated for protocol conversion

The RZ/N1 family by Renesas provides up to five Ethernet ports and two CAN interfaces. The products are based on the Cortex-M3 cores.

The MCUs can also be used for human machine interface devices requiring multiple communication ports (Photo: Renesas)

The MCU family supports multiple industrial networks protocols including Ethercat and Sercos III. It has been designed for host controllers, dedicated gateway devices as well as HMI modules. The RZ/N1D features an additional Cortex-A7 core. Besides the two CAN interfaces, the MCUs are equipped with eight UARTs, two I2C channels, SPI interfaces as well as a USB port. Optionally, the MCUs can support functional safety and security functions. The software partner, Port, provides a CANopen protocol stack for the MCUs featuring NMT master and NMT slave functionality. It runs on the RZ/N1S micro-controller. Additionally, the software company has developed the protocol stacks for Ethernet/IP, Powerlink, and Profinet. The Japanese chip manufacturer also offers starter kits and evaluation boards.


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