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IoT chip

Available with development kit and application note

The free programmable, plug-in core of the electronics service provider SYS TEC electronic for a direct cloud connection is now available with a development kit and a first application note.

The IoT chip comes with a CANopen interface (Photo: SYS TEC)

The company claims that this IoT Chip SE is one of the most compact controllers with cloud interface based on the STM32F4xx uC at the market. The product combines sensor2cloud requirements with data preprocessing features ranging from time-critical signals to efficient control tasks. To that end, the IoT Chip SE comes with appropriate function libraries such as CANopen, MQTT, and Modbus pre-installed, making it ready to use straight away.

The current development kit contains information packages about the hardware and software. In this regard, a detailed manual, a circuit diagram for the application board and software examples are provided. The first application note of the product describes an application example of connecting a RFID reader and a LCD display to it. In addition, detailed instructions and download links explain how the obtained data can be sent to the MQTT server. The forthcoming application note will describe how the data on the MQTT server are received by the IoT Chip SE and displayed on the LCD display.


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