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Connects CAN to Industrial Ethernet

Texas Instruments (TI) has launched the Sitara AMIC110 system on chip (SoC) featuring more than ten Industrial Ethernet protocols. It comes with CAN connectivity.

The Sitara AMIC110 provides CAN connectivity and third parties supply CANopen software (Photo: Texas Instruments)

The AMIC110 SoC is a multi-protocol industrial communication processor supporting nearly all Industrial Ethernet variants ranging from Profinet via Ethercat and Sercos III to Powerlink. The 300-MHz chip comes with several serial interfaces including CAN, Profibus, UART, and USB. This makes the product suitable for gateway implementations.

Built on the Cortex-A8-based Sitara processor platform that features flexible peripherals, industrial temperature ranges and unified software support, the AMIC110 SoC was developed for industrial designers. It can serve as a companion communication processor to a micro-controller such as TI's C2000. In addition to the AMIC110, the provided reference design showcases the DP83822 PHY component that is suited for Industrial Ethernet applications.