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Stand-alone controller

Supports CAN FD

Microchip offers the MCP2517FD, a stand-alone CAN FD controller. It allows designers a simplified path to upgrade from Classical CAN to CAN FD.

The stand-alone controller allows designers to add CAN FD channels to those available on the MCU host controller (Photo: Microchip)

The CAN FD controller provides an SPI interface to link it to the host controller. The CAN FD protocol offers higher data rates and payloads up to 64 byte. The MCP2517FD can be used with any micro-controller featuring SPI connectivity. Since the adoption and transition to CAN FD is in the beginning stages, there are a limited number of CAN FD capable MCUs available today. The stand-alone chip allows system designers to enable CAN FD functionality by adding only one external component while continuing to utilize the majority of their design.

“The Classical CAN to CAN FD transition has begun and many automotive and non-automotive designs will benefit from the CAN FD protocol enhancements,” said Rich Simoncic from Microchip. “Designers have very few choices when picking CAN FD capable MCUs that are a good fit for their application. The MCP2517FD external CAN FD controller is a viable MCU alternative that helps designers maximize hardware and firmware reuse and minimize the cost and complexity of a redesign.”

The MCP251XFD CAN FD motherboard together with the MCP2517FD click board provides an evaluation board for implementing a CAN FD design. In addition, a firmware API written in C is available for rapid application development.


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