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CAN FD transceiver

Features 5 Mbit/s

Infineon (Germany) has released the CAN FD TLE925x transceiver family. They comply with ISO 11898-2:2016.

The CAN FD transceiver family meets the requirements of the SAE J2284 series requirements (Photo: Infineon)

The German chipmaker has launched the TLE9250SJ/LE, TLE9250VSJ/VLE, TLE9250XSJ/LE, TLE9251VSJ/VLE, and TLE9251SJ/LE transceivers. All products are approved by several automakers. Furthermore, the TLE925x family does meet the EMC requirements according to IEC 62228-3 and SAE 2962-2 and do have ESD robustness according to HBM (±8 kV) and the IEC 61000-4-2 Gun Test (±11 kV).

The transceivers meet Nafta (North American free trade agreement) region EMC requirements without external common-mode chokes. Migrating from Classical CAN to CAN FD network design has significant impact on the wake-up behavior of CAN transceivers. Therefore Infineon’s TLE9251SJ/LE and TLE9251VSJ/LE transceivers support the robust bus wake-up pattern detection and optimized wake-up filter time specified as 0,5 µs < tFilter < 1,8 µs.


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