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With 1500-VDC potential isolation

The TLAxx-03KCAN CAN transceiver series from Mornsun (China) integrates a 3-W AC/DC power supply and can directly be connected to the 220-VAC power lines.

The product comes with an open frame (Photo: Mornsun)

The CAN transceivers are suitable for industrial control, grid power, and instrumentation applications, for example. They provide two isolated outputs; the main DC power output with up to 2,5 W and the auxiliary one which powers the network communication. AC and DC dual-use is possible (input from the same terminal). Isolation voltage is up to 4000 VAC between the AC input terminal and the two DC output terminals, and 1500 VDC between the two DC output terminals. The input voltage ranges from 85 VAC to 305 VAC. This chip allows 3,3-V or/and 5,0-V signals on the interface to the CAN controller. The signals to the twisted bus-lines comply with the legacy ISO 11898 standard.

The maximal CAN bit rate is 1 Mbit/s. The transceiver can drive up to 110 CAN nodes. It uses a socket header with common pins, which enables the user to achieve automated processing, maintenance, and replacement, said the company. The series comes in a peripheral circuit design and measures 41,8 mm x 19,62 mm x 12,24 mm.


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