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32-bit MCU

48-MHz Cortex M0+ with on-chip CAN

Cypress has introduced the PSoC 4100 S-series Plus. It includes an CAN option.

The mixed-signal programmable embedded controller is based on an ARM Cortec M0+ core (Photo: Glyn)

The PSoC 4100 S-series Plus is in Germany available by Glyn. It combines programmable and reconfigurable analog and digital blocks with automatic routing. The chip based on this platform, is a combination of a micro-controller with digital programmable logic, analog-to-digital conversion, operation amplifiers with comparator mode, and several peripherals including Classical CAN. Glyn provides starter kits, too. There is also an on-chip LCD controller available.

The MCU features a 64-KiB flash-memory and an 8-KiB SRAM. One of the special functional peripherals is Capsense. This Sigma-Delta block can be connected to any pins through an analog multiplex bus via analog switches. It can thus be provided on any available pin or group of pins in a system under software control. Shield voltage can be driven on another analog multiplex bus to provide water-tolerance capability. Water tolerance is provided by driving the shield electrode in phase with the sense electrode to keep the shield capacitance from attenuating the sensed input. Proximity sensing can also be implemented. The Capsense block provides a 10-bit Slope ADC (analog/digital converter) function.


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