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System Basis Chips

With CAN FD support

Infineon Technologies is launching two System Basis Chip (SBC) families: Lite and Mid-Range+. They are compliant with ISO 11898-2:2016 and qualified for 5 Mbit/s.

The Mid-Range+ SBCs allow communication with up to 5 Mbit/s and provides one CAN and up to two LIN transceivers (Photo: Infineon)

An SBC is the central supply of power and communication for micro-controllers within electronic control units (ECU) in cars. SBCs are integrated circuits that combine voltage supplies, communication bus interfaces (Classical CAN, LIN) and supervision features.

The Lite SBCs incorporate one Classical CAN transceiver to address a range of applications such as in-cabin wireless charger, NO x sensor, gear shifter, or light control units. The Mid-Range+ SBCs are more powerful devices with one Classical CAN and up to two LIN transceivers to support e.g. body control modules and gateway modules.

The Lite SBCs allow communications at 5 Mbit/s and are designed for optimized system costs (Photo: Infineon)

Recent developments in the automotive industry require increasingly faster communication capabilities. Originally, the CAN FD protocol was established for software updates during production and service events. Today, also the communication within the car and its connectivity to the outside world require an increased bandwidth and longer payload. For example, high-end front light applications such as matrix LED lighting require a large amount of data provided by camera systems and sensors to ensure a glare-free high beam.

In addition to high-speed communication, the SBCs allow a lower power consumption. With their optional partial networking feature they reduce current consumption by putting the ECU in a sleep or stop mode when it is not needed. The Lite SBC family also features a charge pump to drive high side n-channel power Mosfets. It can disconnect an external load during sleep mode in order to further reduce quiescent current.

All devices of the SBCs include diagnostic and supervision features to support ECU functional safety concepts like under-voltage monitoring, window watchdog with reset, fail-safe operating mode, and fail-safe output. Moreover, with the Mid-Range+ family external loads can be driven by four high-side switches.


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