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Fault-tolerant processor with on-chip CAN

Skylabs has developed the PicoskyFT system-on-chip featuring CAN connectivity. The product is intended for use in satellites.

Block diagram of the PicoskyFT processor (Photo: Skylabs)

The Slovenian company located in Maribor has launched a processor suitable for aerospace and other mission-critical applications. It implements several peripherals including a dual-port CAN core. The 8/16-bit system-on-chip is tested on radiation-tolerance according to Cern NA-SPS-H8. The supplier offers software support for its own CAN-TS protocol and for a CANopen subset as specified by the European Space Agency (ESCC-E-ST-50-15C). The CANopen software coming with the Picoskyware is based on the CANfestival open-source protocol stack. It can be used with Linux and Windows operating systems.

The program memory block is configurable up to 8 MiB starting at 8 KiB for compact applications. Data memory starts at 64 KiB up to 16 MiB. The embedded CAN core complies with the Classical CAN protocol. Additionally, the supplier provides the Pikosky family of development boards as well as board-level products for its Nanorack remote terminal unit.


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