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OBD interpreter

Multi-protocol IC with CAN connectivity

The STN2100 is a 16-bit micro-controller by OBD Solutions, which can interpret multiple on-board diagnostic (OBD) protocols. It provides an on-chip CAN module.

The low-power STN2100 supports for example the ISO 15765 series of transport protocols dedicated for on-board diagnostics (Source: OBD Solutions)

OBD Solutions, a provider of products for interfacing with the on-board diagnostic networks, has launched the STN2100 multi-protocol OBD interpreter IC. It features a way to access diagnostic trouble codes and dedicated parameters such as VIN, vehicle speed, fuel level, and other real-time parameters. The chip converts the data received via the CAN-based OBDII connector to UART data.

“In the nine years since launching STN1110, we've helped dozens of companies in the telematics, fleet management, and automotive diagnostics market segments harness the power of OBD data in products as diverse as scan tools, vehicle trackers, data-loggers, in-car heads-up displays, and ignition interlock devices,” said Vitaliy Maksimov, CEO of OBD Solutions. The new chip has twice as much flash, four times as much RAM, and is based on the same OBD stack as its predecessor.

It inherits all legacy features including secure boot-loader, advanced message filtering, configurable ultra-low-power mode with multiple sleep, and wakeup triggers. The product also features Safeconnect - an automatic protocol detection algorithm that ensures compatibility with a range of vehicles.

The product is software-compatible with both STN1110 and the ELM327. It has a larger OBD message buffer, and additional flash memory to accommodate future firmware updates. The chip comes in a QFN-28 package for the same price as the STN1110. Alternatively, a 44-pin DIP module can be ordered. It supports all legislated OBDII protocols including the legacy SAE J1850 PWM, SAE J1850 VPW, ISO 9141, ISO 14230 (Keyword Protocol 2000), as well as ISO 15765 (CAN) and ISO 11898. This means, it can be connected to all vehicles that meet the OBDII standard, including international variants such as AOBD, EOBD, and JOBD. J1939 diagnostic data is supported, too.

Both, the OBD Interconnect Development Board and the ECUsim family of OBD simulators support the STN2100. Sample code for a firmware up-loader is available to help users taking advantage of the secure boot-loader.


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