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Multiple-LED driver

MCU for automotive light applications

The MLX81116 is a multi-channel RGB-LED driver used for light animations in cars. The driver is controlled via the CAN FD based Melibu interface with data-phase bit-rates up to 2 Mbit/s.

MLX81116 multiple-LED driver IC (Source: Melexis)

The MCU (micro-controller unit) offers functions for LED control, color mixing, and diagnosis. Diagnostics functions include short circuit, broken line, and threshold monitoring. The chip enables temperature compensation without additional external components. Storage of the LED calibration data is done within the LED driver. The key applications include animated light modules, light bars, advanced driver communication by light, safety warning applications, navigation support as well as blindspot warning.

Block diagram of the MLX81116 LED driver (Source: Melexis)

The Melibu (Melexis light bus) communication system enables applications with RGB-LED counts for dynamic light animations within cars. It is based on the CAN FD physical layer and UART (universal asynchronous receiver transmitter) communication with self-synchronization. The CAN FD interface complies with the ASIL B (automotive safety integrity level) according to ISO 26262. Multiple bus segments can be distributed over the car.


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