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Embedded World 2021

CANopen-capable on-chip controller

At the digital exhibition Embedded World 2021, Yaskawa shows Triton. It is a CANopen-capable on-chip controller and provides two CAN interfaces.

(Source: Yaskawa)

The product combines Ethernet communication with a backplane system as well as a motion/automation multicore processor in one product. It comes with TSN support, DDR4, PCIexpress, and security core. The chip is suitable for number crunching, industrial real-time communication, as well as synchronous backplane communication. The processor system includes three ARM Cortex A17 cores with up to 1,26 GHz and a 64-bit floating point unit per core. CAN support is possible by hardware modules. The two CAN interfaces run bit-rates up to 1 Mbit/s. As higher-layer protocol, the chip supports CANopen.


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